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One of the leading Cosmetics Studios

As one of the leading Cosmetics Studios we are proud to say we have been locally owned within our family for 58 years. Beginning with Romancy, our mother, for 54 of successful business years at her passing, then to present with Terry and Russet, daughters. We were so unbelievably fortunate to have worked side by side with an amazing, strong, smart beautiful woman. Going to work and loving what you do is the opportunity that she gave to us, we are so very grateful ! We have an outstanding well established reputation that has stood the test of time, as well Merle Norman Cosmetics has withstood the test of time celebrating 90 years with state of the art products. We absolutely are available to take the time with each individual that walks through our door or contacts our Studio. Everyone has their own needs and wants and that is what we do best, serving you with just that! We look forward to seeing you!

We also would like to introduce you to Tanya she has over 30 years of experience in the cosmetic industry. More on Tanya in the , Meet the Merle Girls.

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